Gem of Fire is what Amethyst (meaning not-intoxicated) stone was called in ancient BC era and is still regarded as one of the most beautiful crystals that belong to the quartz family. This semi-precious stone was the stone of Neptune, the water-god of the Romans and was an equal to a diamond. It is also knowns as the Bishop’s stone as it is worn by Catholic Bishop’s in a ring to remain grounded in spiritual thoughts.

The wearer of the stone is kept away from overindulgence into drugs or alcohol or smoking or gambling or mystical substances preventing drunkenness.

Uses of Amethyst

  • The Amethyst is called the ‘all-healer’ stone that heals all living organism i.e., humans, animals, plants etc.
  • The Amethyst is considered to be the psychic stone that defends against dark magic and witchcraft.
  • The Amethyst increases intelligence and prevents evil imaginations, fantasies, and thoughts.
  • The Amethyst is worn to protect one from surprise attacks and treachery.
  • The Amethyst protects its wearer from contagious diseases as it creates a shield of light around the body that repels negative energy.
  • The Amethyst is also called the Couple’s Stone that strengthens relationship over time giving a deeper soulful connection between husband and wife.
  • The Amethyst helps one to control anger and high temper, especially for negotiators and businessmen.


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