Lava Beads

This light-weight inexpensive gemstone is the new fashion trend that is becoming very popular amongst the new generation. Lava Beads are born out of the molten rock inside an active volcano, boiling at over 1000 degrees Celsius in a high-pressure and high-temperature zone. Lava would then solidify in various shapes and forms when they are let out of the volcano in an eruption and are contracted with cool air while sliding down the path.

Lava solids are then collected and passed on to the Jewelry designers and artists who would carve out required lava beads of various shapes and sizes.

While natural Lava beads come in Black, grey and brown, Ash (black or grey) color look of the beads is very impressive which promotes fertility and strenght that brings stability, especially in changing times. And since they came from the earth Lava Beads helps us to build a solid bond towards the well being of our planet.

Lava beads have many holes and bubbles formations giving it a porous look which can be dyed and colored differently giving the wearer a unique feel. Lava Beads are treated with paraffin wax for them to be threaded to form a bracelet, necklace, anklets, rings, craft pins, pendants, earrings etc.


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