Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz, made of A silicon dioxide crystal is part of the Quartz family found in the cores of granite pegmatites. With its gentle pink essence color ranging from a pale pink to deep reddish-pink, its a Crystal of Unconditional Love, the energy of peace and compassion, a stone of the heart, that circulates healing, nourishment, and comfort.

The Rose Quartz speaks directly from the heart by dissolving emotional fears and jealousy wounds, resentments and regrets, and passes a divine energy that spreads love throughout the surroundings. ‘What you give is what you get’ is the mantra of Rose Quartz.

The heart stone as it was called in the BC era, was used as a token to express love and romance. It slowly went to become the attraction amongst families and friends. The point was clear, the stone connects people within groups and society and is divine to the Earth and Universe.

As the color resembles, Rose Quartz inspires one to love beauty in the wearer from the eye of a spectator. It has been the inspiration for many portraits and pictures developed by artists. A Picture of thousand words is the very popular portrait of BC era prized for its power display of physical beautification. Egyptians even build facials masks made of Rose Quartz that was discovered from the tombs during early excavations of the pyramids. They were said to prevent wrinkles and clear the complexion.

Uses of Rose Quarts

  • Rose Quartz inspires self-nourishing as it promotes bonding between a mother and a baby. Pregnant women should keep it on the tummy or to be near the baby during birth. Keep it near the baby food or breastfeeding to ease feeding or colic difficulties.
  • If you are in Love and want to strengthen a romantic relationship, gifting Rose Quartz is the best thing to win your loved one’s heart forever.
  • Keep Rose Quartz next to your bed to stay in unconditional love and to restore trust and harmony.
  • Rose Quartz helps spark sensual imaginations amongst the partners that build tenderness providing beautiful dreams.
  • Rose Quartz on the bedside also helps children sleep at night. Especially Children or adults battling with the fear of darkness and nightmares.
  • Keep it in your workplace location to stay away from unwanted gossip and intrusions.

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