Tiger Eye

The most ancient, mysterious and powerful talisman is Tiger’s eye which is revered and feared as an “all-seeing all-knowing eye”. The myth says the wearer of this stone has the ability to observe and know everything, even behind the closed doors.

Historians say Egyptians were the first to learn, adopt and practice the use of Tiger Eye in their deity status stating an expression of divine vision providing the protection of ‘Ra’ the god of the Sun and ‘Geb’ the god of the land, combinging the ability to look through Sun and Earth through the eye of a magical Tiger.

Tiger eye is a symbol of courage, the right use of power and integrity. Romans used it to deflect weapons from battlefields.

History has regarded this stone for its healing nature as it reflects black malice from others, woo-doo black magic and brings prosperity and good fortune.

Wearing Tiger’s Eye brings the effective vigilance and sharpness in one’s ability to look through the situation to understand the cause and effect. The stone brings stability to the wearer who can use his/her powers wisely, get the ability to solve the puzzle and uses the wisdom in the right direction that strengthens the will.

Uses of Tiger’s Eye

  • Tiger Eye brings luck and good fortune for a steady flow of money.
  • Ideal for entrepreneurs or niche businessmen who are developing skills and knowledge for a dramatic shift in career.
  • Tiger Eye is a symbol of courage and hence you need to step outside of the box to grow and accept challenges thrown at you.
  • Tiger Eye boost willpower, improves the emotional stability, physical abilities, and creativity in trying something new.
  • Tiger Eye kills the fear exams, public performances, competitions.
  • Tiger Eye can be worn or carried along to improve the insight and perceptions in unknown places and unfamiliar circumstances and protects from negative energies and malice.
  • Tiger eye reduces, anxiety, craving for smoke or alcohol and provides wisdom in situations where you are about to make a wrong decision.

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