A Guide to Identifying Different Types of Gemstones

Different Types of GemstonesAmong all types of gemstones, the most desired ones are rubies, diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds; while the middle-range gemstones like aquamarines and tanzanites have always been favorite to antique collectors as well because of their beautiful hues and varied meanings. Another article on gems: Gemstones by country: Countries such as Australia, United States, Brazil, Bolivia, India, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka have become more popular among collectors. The world’s largest known gemstone, the sapphire, is mined in Sri Lanka. On the other hand, tiny mineraline minerals with color like chromium, iron, and manganese are the raw materials that are used to manufacture artificially produced gemstones.A Guide to Identifying Different Types of Gemstones

Some types of gemstones are usually carved or otherwise embellished with ornaments such as garnet, spacer, tourmaline, and amethyst. On a practical side, many gemstones are used for trade purposes. Rubies are sometimes used for windshield chip covers, as is the garnet, which has been used in the making of some high quality clothes. Moonstone is used as a skin care product for acne, excessive sweating, and dry skin; this gemstone also makes excellent hair dyes. Agate is used as an anti-viral and anti-bacterial agent, while the translucent green jade stone has been used in the Chinese market as a substitute for real ruby.A Guide to Identifying Gemstones

When gemstones are worn, the colours tend to absorb into the surface of the stone and therefore they are not seen to the eye as separate entities, but are seen in association with the colours of the clothes the wearer is wearing. For example, a jade ring worn with a blue dress would enhance the blues in the blue dress, or pink would enhance the pink colours in the dress. The different types of gemstones have their own unique properties and therefore it is best to know them in order to make good purchases. There are so many different types of gemstones that it would take pages to write about them all.

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