Birthstone Colors – Why They Matter

Birthstone Colors - Why They MatterThis is a list of popular birthstone colors and what the stone actually symbolizes. This color chart displays all of the colors which have been discovered so far which are designated by any one of the twelve zodiac signs. Some colors are only listed for a single month as some stones named by birthstone charts are found in various shades of white. So if you happen to have a birthstone which falls under either the Aquarius or Pisces zodiac sign, you would be wise to choose the color that goes with your sign.Birthstone Colors

January is the month for Garnet, which is the birthstone for people born in the month of January. The color of Garnet is yellow with hints of red and green. Garnet represents beauty, success, sincerity, warmth, fertility, and fire. According to popular belief, the origins of Garnet can be traced to the tears of a mother hen who was killed by her son because she didn’t allow him to marry the princess of her house.Birthstones

December is the month for Amethyst which is the birthstone for people born in the month of October. The gemstone’s color of Amethyst are white, pink, lavender, and purple. According to popular belief, Amethyst was given the name by the grandmother of Vitruvius, which is a Greek healer and psychologist. The bright blue color of Amethyst is said to represent faithfulness, spirituality, wisdom, hospitality, and courage. Some believed that the violet color of Amethyst was given by the tears of a deceased priestess who was highly beloved by the emperor.

What are Birthstones? A birthstone is any gemstone that represents an individual’s month of birth, usually the star sign or zodiac sign represented by the stone. Birthstones can be given as charms or pendants. They are also used in jewelry to represent a significant event such as the birth of a loved one. Birthstones can also be given as gifts to friends and relatives celebrating the birth of a child. Some birthstones symbolize an important personal trait or attribute that the wearer possesses.

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