Malachite Stone Maybe Your Next Jewelry Purchase!

Malachite Stone Maybe Your Next Jewelry Purchase!Malachite Stone is an exquisite, natural looking pink stone, which was once mined in Northern Australia. The stone has been found in numerous other places, including Brazil, Mexico, Egypt and South Africa. Why has the stone been featured in movies and TV shows? For a start, it is incredibly hard wearing and extremely durable. In fact, it is so hard wearing that malachite stone jewellery can last a lifetime. It is resistant to acid, heat and water, and thus can be worn comfortably even by someone who is elderly.Malachite Stone Your Next Jewelry

Malachite Stone is mined in two places – South East Australia and Northern Australia. How much do you pay for this gemstone? Delivering goods overseas from Australia to the US is usually free, but your package might be subject to tariffs, taxes or other levies, depending on the laws of the particular country you reside in. You could try to ship this exquisite gemstone from the US to the rest of the world, where it is often happily received as a precious green stone. Although not as highly priced as diamonds, these stones are also highly prized by many people. In addition, many opals are also very highly valued stones in the world of gemstone jewelry.Malachite Stone

With a background similar to a citrine, this stone can be a good choice for a necklace, ring or earrings of a young woman. This gemstone is also quite popular in men’s rings. Perhaps you would like to have some malachite jewelry for yourself? If so, you should know that this stone can be custom cut to show an array of styles and cuts, and this can be done with the assistance of a jeweller.

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