Rhodonite Stone – A Natural Gemstone That Can Balance Your Whole Self

Rhodonite Stone - A Natural Gemstone That Can Balance Your Whole SelfThe name speaks for itself – Rhodonite Stone. Rich in history and tradition, this pink gemstone is a true representation of love and gentleness. From its origins buried deep under the mountains, it has been revered by kings, queens and priests throughout time. And of course by those who love pink…and pink! It’s the perfect gemstone to balance out all of your favorite hues. Add this beautiful, calming stone to a peaceful evening out, and watch the love from your heart expand.

Rhodonite actually comes from the rainbow colored cobalt ore, which is found deep within the Urals. There is some confusion as to whether or not it is actually Russian gold or the modern day equivalent. But whatever the case, rhodonite stone is a natural occurring element that has been used in Russian religious ceremonies for thousands of years. It is believed to bring spiritual energy when cut and polished. In fact, the Russian faith is founded upon the belief that the stones can channel spiritual energy. Since its discovery many centuries ago by those practicing the Russian faith, rhodonite stone has been used to enhance the spiritual life in both eastern and western cultures.Rhodonite Stone - A Natural GemstoneRhodonite Stone

This pink, purplish stone helps to center your inner self by creating a balance between your physical and spiritual energies. When using rhodonite stone in a spiritual way, you are focusing the energies of love, peace, harmony and trust on yourself and others. Because of its healing properties, this pink gemstone is also thought to help relieve stress. It balances both the physical and spiritual energies so you can feel peaceful and balanced both inside and outside of yourself. Whether it is used as a traditional gemstone necklace or in a ring for protection, rhodonite stone is a beautiful, natural, beneficial, and ever-present part of any wardrobe!

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