What Is Howlite Stone?

In North America, howlite stone comes in the form of quartzite and can be found in a number of places. It can be found in the Grand Canyon, but it is mostly confined to the Eastern states, especially around the Chesapeake area and southern Maryland and Virginia. Westerners tend to have less of this type of stone in their jewelry. The jewelry that does have it tends to be worn in much the same fashion as pieces made from other types of minerals or gemstones.

Howlite is typically formed from calcium carbonate when high pressure and heat come in contact with the mineral under low pressure and heat. The minerals in the howlite rock, which are primarily oxalates, ferric bicarbonates, and phosphate, will separate when the pressure and heat come in contact. When this happens, the magnesium will come out as a white powder and the iron and calcium will be separated into different colors of purple. When this separation takes place, the magnesium and iron can be extracted by a process called electrolysis. When the product is refined, it will then be used for things such as fire starters, street lights, and road sealers.

Some types of howlite are actually classified as a vibrational stone. This means that they have the ability to change color in response to certain frequencies. Howlite which is found around a home’s foundation is often in the purple color because it absorbs and reflects UV light. Other colors include gold, which is what you may find in jewelry; orange, which are found in the interior of buildings and; green, which is very similar to the mineral calcium. So if you are looking for a white stone with an extra strong vibrational ability, this is the stone for you, and it will definitley help you in your life.